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Join the Circular Fashion Movement: Paredenim's Denim Buyback for Conscious Consumers

06 Jun 2023

At Paredenim, we believe that sustainability and community go hand in hand. That's why we're excited to introduce our new denim buyback program, designed to make it easy for you to live a more sustainable lifestyle while also giving back to those in need.


Why do we Buy-back?

Our buyback program is all about creating value for used clothing and helping those who are less fortunate. By returning your pre-loved Paredenim denim to us, you're helping to prevent it from going to waste and ensuring that it has a new lease of life.

At the same time, we'll reward you with loyalty points that you can use to shop for new Paredenim denim that you'll love just as much as the old pair.


How does it work?

What happens to your old denim?

Your old Paredenim denim will be put to good use. We'll either donate it to a charitable organization that helps those in need or recycle it into new denim products. Either way, you can feel good knowing that your old denim is being put to good use instead of sitting in a landfill.


At Paredenim, we're committed to sustainability and community, and our buyback program is just one way that we're putting our values into action. Join us on this journey to create a more sustainable future while also giving back to those in need.


Our buyback program is just the beginning of our journey to make a positive impact in our community. At Paredenim, we're committed to taking responsible actions that benefit both our planet and our communities.


By participating in our buyback program, you can help us make the most of used clothes and create a more sustainable future.


We believe that every small step counts, and by working together, we can create a better future for ourselves and those around us.

recycle your denim

Terms and Conditions for Paredenim Denim Buyback Program:


1) Eligibility:


2) Denim Acceptance: 


3) Buyback Process: 


4) Inspection and Credit: 


5) Loyalty Points: 


6) Privacy and Data Protection: 


7) General: 


8) Paredenim's Rights and Final Decision: 


9) Shipping Costs and Non-Qualifying Denims: 


10) Modifications to Terms and Conditions: 


11) Termination of the Buyback Program: 


12) Entire Agreement: 


13) Severability: 


14) Contact Information: 


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